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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall


St Brigid’s Primary School is a learning school, where we wish to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which we show commitment to a Catholic way of life, educating for the 21st century.

Mission Statement

Our mission in St. Brigid’s Primary School is to provide an exciting and stimulating learning experience for all of our children.  Their journey through our school will be happy and filled with genuine, deep learning.  We are and will always be committed to improvement and it is incumbent upon all of us to be life-long learners, to keep abreast of new ideas, emerging technologies, innovations in education, continually challenge expectations and to develop personally as a result.

This mission will be pursued in a culture of mutual openness and trust, high emotional intelligence and a deep spiritual commitment to our principles, values and to all of the children and the community which we serve.  In so doing we accept the need to challenge and be challenged, to initiate change and to move ourselves culturally towards visionary excellence.

We ask that all who use our school enjoy the experience, assist in our mission, learn and improve as a consequence.