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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall


11th Aug 2020

                   ST. BRIGID’S PRIMARY SCHOOL

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10th August 2020

Dear Parent,


Following the statement from the Education Minister (Thursday 6th), St Brigid’s PS will open for all pupils to attend school each day.


School will open for a phased return on the week beginning 24th August. This will be morning sessions only to enable children to meet their new teacher, settle into their new classroom and learn the new routines needed for maintaining good hygiene and social distancing. The focus of these first few days will be the children’s readjustment to school life and their mental health and well-being. In line with DE requirements, term will start for Primary 7 pupils on Monday 24th August; some Primary 1 pupils will be introduced to school on that day also, and on subsequent days during the week according to age. New Primary 1 parents already have received the letter which gives their child’s individual start date.

Term starts:

Monday 24th

Primary 7

Wednesday 26th

Primary 5 and Primary 2

Tuesday 25th

Primary 6 and Primary 4

Thursday 27th

Primary 3

School meals will not be provided during this first week.  Children should bring a snack for break-time in either a disposable bag or a washable lunchbox.  There will be no lunches during this week due to the early finish time.  All pupils will be in school by Friday 28th and as Monday 31st August is a Bank Holiday it must be taken as an official school closing.


There will be staggered start times and pick-up times to limit interaction.

  • Those whose surname begins with A – L should arrive at school at 08.55
  • Those whose surname begins with M – O should arrive at school at 09.05
  • Those whose surname begins with P – Y should arrive at school at 09.15

In order to minimise the spread of infection, pupils from P2-P7 must enter the school grounds unaccompanied by an adult. Assistants will be at the gate to direct pupils to the entrance which they should use.

In the week commencing 24th August pupils will go home at:

Foundation Stage                 12.15

Key Stage 1                         12.30

Key Stage 2                         12.45

In the week commencing Tuesday 1st September pupils will go home at:

Foundation Stage                 12.30pm

Key Stage 1                         2.00pm

Key Stage 2                         3.00pm

In the week commencing Monday 7th September pupils will go home at:

Foundation Stage                 1.00pm

Key Stage 1                         2.00pm

Key Stage 2                         3.00pm

In the week commencing Monday 14th September pupils will go home at:

Foundation Stage                 1.30pm 

Key Stage 1                         2.00pm 

Key Stage 2                         3.00pm 

In the week commencing Monday 21st September pupils will go home at:

Foundation Stage                 2.00pm                

Key Stage 1                         3.00pm 

Key Stage 2                         3.00pm

Initially our class allocation for September was:-






Gráinne O’Hara



Ciara O’Neill/Francis Kelly



Síle O’Kane



Ryan Doherty



Ursula Quinn



Cathy Donaghy



Claire Vallelly



Paula Mc Crum/Anne McGlinchey



Aileen Mitchell

Due to our large class sizes, and the size and shape of our classrooms we are now creating a composite class of P3 / 4 pupils in order to more effectively manage social distancing. Advice from the Minister states:

“Strict social distancing requirements between all pupils will be relaxed from a specific distance to the best spacing that can be achieved. Schools should continue to implement as much social distancing as is practical and where physical capacity and curriculum delivery permit. Protective bubbles will be used as a key mitigating action where possible…..”

Enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures will be in place and as stated in previous advice:

  • Pupils should not bring a school bag into school. They should only bring their lunchbox and a coat.
  • As soon as they go home, they should change out of their uniform, which should be laundered for the next day.
  • Pupils who wish to use their own stationery should bring it into school on the first day (no fabric pencil cases please) – these items must then stay in school and not be taken home on a daily basis.
  • All pupils in Key Stage 2 MUST have their own headphones to use their Chromebooks. These also must stay in school.


School Meals will be cooked onsite in the canteen. However, there will be no food at break-time, so your child should bring a small, healthy snack for break. If you wish to purchase a school dinner, you must put the correct amount (£2.60) into an envelope with the child’s name (no change can be given). There will only be one meal cooked per day so there will be no menu choices. The envelope with your child’s name and dinner money is placed into a box at the classroom door before entering. No loose coins please – dinner money must be in a named and sealed envelope.  As soon as we have the menu, it will be put on the school website to cut out any paper copies being sent into your homes.


Children with very serious underlying health issues who were shielding, or have been advised not to attend school, will be supported by remote learning. Please inform the school as soon as possible if your child is in this category so that in co-operation with parents and health professionals, a full risk assessment can be completed.


The situation as you know is very fluid and changes can have to be made at short notice. We will update you on any changes to these arrangements as soon as they are communicated to us. Communication will be via the school website, the school App and social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. We may also email you with information pertinent to you and ask that you email our secretary ( stating the best email address for contact and child’s name/class.


We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming school, but many features of the ‘new normal’ will make that very difficult. I assure you that despite the many difficulties presented by social distancing and our available school accommodation, the excellent staff of St Brigid’s will do their utmost to ensure that your child is happy and safe in school.

Yours faithfully,

Mary O Kane