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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall

Primary 4 - 7 pupils return to school on Monday 22nd March!

18th Mar 2021


Dear Parents, Boys and Girls,

Everyone from P4 – P7 is due to return to school on Monday 22nd March. You should arrive at school each morning as you did before lockdown, to avoid overcrowding:

Surname              A – L      08.55

Surname              M – O    09.05

Surname              N – Y     09.15

P4 pupils enter via the Fire Exit of Mrs Quinn’s room. P5 enter the back door of Mr Doherty’s room. P6 use the front door of the school to go to Miss O’Kane’s class. P6/7 use the front door of Mrs O’Neill’s room. P7 enter the back door of the school and go to Mrs O’Hara’s room. No adults should enter the school grounds, anyone accompanying children to the school gates must wear a mask and stay 2m apart from others.


All pupils should bring in text books, reading books as appropriate and your Home Learning booklets must also be returned.

Pupils should not bring schoolbags, they should just bring their lunchbox and water bottle. 

Remember that uniforms should be laundered daily, lunchboxes washed with hot soapy water and the transfer of items between home and school should be kept to a minimum.

The school kitchen is open and the menu is on our website. Dinner money must be paid daily (not weekly), placed in an envelope with your child’s name clearly printed. This is placed in the box outside the classroom door first thing each morning.

In order to help us prepare for your return; there is a link to a pupil survey included below. Please complete by 2pm tomorrow Friday 19th March, so that we can address your fears/concerns where possible.

Primary 4 parents were due to have their Parent Teacher Meetings on Monday 22nd March, but Mrs Quinn wants to be with her class on their first day back, so P4 PTMs will be the following Monday 29th March.

Depending on the continued easing of lockdown measures, we expect Primary 7 children to be Confirmed in Our Lady of Mercy Church on Sunday 25th April as originally planned.

Some of our families are currently recovering from Covid-19, therefore it is imperative that we all follow the rules.

#Stay Safe  #Stay Home   #Stay Strong.  Lavey community caring for each other.