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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall


10th Nov 2020

In the words of US President Elect, Joe Biden "Please wear a mask".  Last week, as schools reopened, Education Minister, Peter Weir advised that all parents/adults wear a mask when doing the school run.  Please do not stand chatting with other adults at the school gate - maintain social distancing.  The numbers of our families who have tested positive for Coronavirus is once again rising.  Please do your bit - adults are asked to wear a mask and keep their distance.

We appeal to everyone collecting children from our Foundation Stage area - inside our school grounds - wear a mask, keep your distance, leave promptly.

We ask you to maintain these routines and be very vigilant as infection rates within the community is still high.  The safety of the children, staff and you our parents is our top priority.  We must continue to work together to ensure that everyone is safe.  We would like to remind you, not to linger, when leaving or collecting children.

We are all in this together, please support us, follow the rules.