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St Brigid's Primary School, Moyagall


12th Mar 2021

Teachers will telephone parents for an update on their child's progress from next week:

Mrs O'Hara  Primary 7 Monday 15th March

Mrs O'Neill P6/7 Tuesday 16th March

Miss O'Kane P6 Thursday 18th March

Mr Doherty P5 Friday 19th March

Mrs Quinn P4 Monday 22nd March

Mrs Donaghy P3 Tuesday 23rd March

Mrs Vallelly P2 Wednesday 24th March

Mrs Mitchell P1 Thursday 25th March

Mrs Mc Crum P1/2 Friday 26th March


With the exception of Mrs O'Hara's class; these calls will begin at 09.15 in the morning.  Teachers will call parents in alphabetical order by surname.

The call will cover your child's latest tests in Literacy and Numeracy and their engagement with Remote Learning during lockdown.

If the day allocated to your child's class does not suit; please contact the school office. 

Calls will be short as teachers do have to speak to all families and we do have large class sizes!  If you have any major concerns that you wish to discuss with the teacher, please call us in advance, so that the teacher can help to resolve the issue, or answer your concerns.  Calls will be made to the number that is the first contact in your child's SIMS records.